My easy “To go” makeup routine primarily consist of the basic so to speak. A day cream to moisten my skin, I like this one from Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre 75 ml. I like to use M.A.C’s face and body foundation because of its light texture. I also like to use a high lighter stick, mine is from Esteé lauder or I’ll just a lip balm from Tromborg that I use on my cheek bones for some shine and finally I use brow fixer from M.A.C. I occasionally use a rosewater spray to freshen up the one in the picture is from Mario Badescu.

The two C’s ;Chic and Comfy

skoLove my new pumps from anotherproject.They have the perfect mid heel height and are rather comfortable for a mid heel. They are the kind of heels that you actually can wear for hours without feeling like your feet is about to fall off from the pain of every stilettos loving and wearing human beings worst horror ;blisters aka the party killer . I have styled my chic and comfy pumps along with my new checked trousers from H&M.

The absolute


This silky wonder of a Loewe dress is probably one of my absolute best purchases ever! I adore everything about it from its the silky material to the kind of 80’s print and futher more the slim silhouette that actually makes your butt look real cute. It is just an amazing piece of clothing.




zaraI picked up these cobalt blue stilettos from Zara’s sale two weeks ago. I think it was the fabulous cobalt blue colour that caught my eye and made me go to check out right away. I’ll love to pair them together with either a suit for a night out or just with classic tee and jean ( Levis 501, my all time favorite jean) for a more low key look. The cobalt blue colour just adds a bit of glamour and gives a kind of sassy vibe to it. And remember gals ” your shoes says as much about you as your hair”


Bold red

monki-skirtBold red, there is nothing like a bold splash of colour these days, when the sun SHOULD be shining and the temperature SHOULD at least be above 23 degress! “Hallelujah for the Danish summer!”. Well, I guess not. The summer weather here in Denmark sucks, excuse my French but it really do suck, big time…but very fortunately for me, I am leaving for Tuscany tomorrow morning, where the temperature is around 35 degress ! (Yep, I have been checking the weather report every single day for the past two weeks) When the weather is this windy and grey every bloody day, you kind of get to a point, where you are just hungering for just the slightest bit of sun shine and don’t feel like a fool for wearing your brand new shades even though it is pouring rain…..So, here I come Tuscany! Ready to spend the next 12 days in the sun wearing my new favorite shades from Le Specs, eating way too much italian ice cream and of course reading lots of books and fashion magazines, which in my opion is mandatory when on vacation. In the picture I’m wearing a red maxi plissé skirt from Monki, a very budget friendly fellow if you are looking for some colour to spice up your wardrobe in a quick manner. And by the way it is my tiny boob you get a small peek of,in case you were wondering, which I guess you were probably not….