A bit Birkin

IMG_6445I seriously tell myself every time a carry this straw fellow over my arm that I look a bit like a very short Jane Birkin ( Which I totally do no and hers was more bucket like) but one can dream right ? Though it is quite practical,you can just keep loading all your gear and shit in it.

I am “back” in denim


I am back !! New computer and I am so happy and totally ready to blog once again.Dear god it has been like forever since the last post I did! And I have a bunch of new stuff to show you guys, can´t wait. We are gonna start with a couple of jeans I bought recently ( like 3-4 weeks ago) I know a long time ago. Fell over these super cool vintage lace up denim jeans from Christian Dior. I also got these Less “high Fashion” H&M jeans with the greatest flare and fit, they are both too long for my tini tiny short legs but with heels they are just perfect! So a bit of a scoop, I have to say.

Flower power in a light manner

As most of you already know my dear MacBook broke down in mid June, so every post since then has been done on my iPhone, which clearly is not my favorite device for making blog post, so that cleares up why there have been so boringly few post the last month. I found this pretty flower girl last week. I am gonna wear it as shirt with jeans and perhaps with a pair of heels. You can find it on zara.com