Ready set go

I am all set and ready to leave little Denmark for sunny Malaysia, who said powder like beaches,sun, turquoise saltwater and watermelon ? H&M trend swimsuit I love the colour.Bikini from Missoni, yellow shades vintage, straw hat who dosen’t want to feel a bit like Coco Chanel ? 

Robert Mapplethope 

Last week I was so lucky to be invited to the press meeting for the Robert Mapplethope show at Aros. It was a truly mesmerizing show, you really couldn’t help feel a little bit moved by these raw photographs. His provocative and still very beautiful really got to shine. The different painted walls also really subtrained the pence of mind. I have to say ,as a Pattie Smith fan, seeing the original photographs of the power woman’s album covers was pretty damn spectaculair. In general the whole show was. It was raw,egdy,provocative and so beautiful and really catches the spirit of Robert Mapplethope and the wild 70s. The way Mr. Mapplethope uses light in his work is so beautiful, and makes every piece seem unhuman. I can not say how recamendable the show was, you have to see for yourself, so do yourself a big favor and go see this.
Wearing my new vintage 70s shirt with my vintage 501 jeans and vintage Miu Miu kitten heels.