New Little wooden -hand from Hay

New dish from Hay


Bad start to a friday.
I started my friday,finding my favorite bra killed – it has gone from black with flowers to a kind of green, my dad washed it(he also killed my mothers favorite blanket -shame on him)
Now let me be positive.Later today my family and I are going to hold a little easter-dinner for some friends-I’m really looking forward to that.
Ohhh I almost forgot to show you my new jeans from Chloé- I love them so much!

I’ve wanted them for like 2 years now.
Even, though they are from Chloé a/w 2011 they are still very fashionable. I never thought, I would find them, because they are that old- but as you can see, I did-and let me just say, I saved 72% on them . Patchwork is so “in” right now, I’m telling you- just take a look at 3.1 Phillip Lim´s collection.


Things to do today – 1. find fur inspiration
Well, its still pretty cold outside – so thats way I want some inspiration ,how to dress chic and still be warm.And fur is of course one of the options ….