Working lady

A little to my office/blogging table.I have been been looking at this post tower for quit a while.It´s really nice to have on your table,when you need to write something quickly down or just need to write a note.The other might thing look a little strange.It´s stickers to you briefcase to keep your paper in order and in my case to keep my school things in order.

So shift

Last Wednesday, I was in Copenhagen for a little “tourist visit “.I went to see Yoko Ono show at Louisiana, it was actually really great ,and Louisiana is such a beautiful place ,like stunning .After seeing Yoko Ono´s show ,I went back to Copenhagen City .I went to Zara, and found this wonderful skirt .I love the shape of it .It´s really sharp and minimalistic ,which I really like.It costs like nothing and fits me really well .I would wear it with a long loose shirt.

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