Chanel fever

I just begon on my new 3-month assignment about , no other than the legend Miss Coco Chanel.I have 3 months for this great assignment,which for me means, 3 months of reading and immersion .My first thought for the assignment was- to get as many books about her ,as possibly.But that idea fell to the ground, when I saw the book prices …..So i went for plan B, my good pal, also called the library.I have already picked up 3 heavy books and I am written up to at least 6 others books.

Because of this assignment, the only thing  I can think of is Chanel,Chanel and more Chanel.I have got Chanel fever! I look at Chanel purses ,shoes etc. I dream about Chanel bags and Paris. So of course I am on the hunt for a Chanel, but unfortunately ,there are way out of my “tiny” budget. So it’s only gonna be books this time ( having Chanel fever)But next it’s gonna be a Bag ! ; ) Hopefully a Chanel BOY…..Well, that’s what I telling myself, every time I see a Boy bag.I tell myself ” Next time “

Something we all can afford

We all know the feeling , a closet full of clothes, noting to wear “right “
Well, I have struggled with this problem all week ,and last week too. And it’s funny, because I just     ( the last month) purchased lots of great stuff, most of all sweater and tees.
Every time I take something on, it doesn’t feel right  and it doesn’t look right on my.
So this morning, I talked to my Mom about it. Complaining about my Fashion problem…And, my Mom said, as wise as she are ,that my problem might be “as simple as” , I always buy the same thing   ( sweaters) And she might be right, I never try something new and excited! So no more sweaters and tees for me ( a least not this month)
So now where I can’t buy any more sweaters, I have fallen over a new obsession: These shoes.They remind of the shoes Alexander Wang just designed for Balenciaga this fall. They are almost too good to be true, and from H&M. So I ( I meant WE) can actually afford them…..

PIC from lookdepernille

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