Chanel fever

I just begon on my new 3-month assignment about , no other than the legend Miss Coco Chanel.I have 3 months for this great assignment,which for me means, 3 months of reading and immersion .My first thought for the assignment was- to get as many books about her ,as possibly.But that idea fell to the ground, when I saw the book prices …..So i went...

Something we all can afford

We all know the feeling , a closet full of clothes, noting to wear “right “Well, I have struggled with this problem all week ,and last week too. And it’s funny, because I just     ( the last month) purchased lots of great stuff, most of all sweater and tees.Every time I take something on, it doesn’t feel right  and it doesn’t look right...

Gold de Gold style

It finally came! my new gold necklace from Whensaintsgomaschine. It’s so cool, and fits perfect into my wearing lots of simple , gold necklace style…..

Two in a row

Two outfits in a row- are you guys lucky or what ?? ; ) Knit – Stella Mccartney – Skirt Zara – Boot Zara – Earrings Jane kønig – Bag Balenciaga – Nailpolish Essie – Watch Rolex.
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