Cover it

Coat Zara – Bag Marc Jacobs – Jeans J brand – Shirt Acne – Shoe Zara – Earring Sophie Bille Brahe – Perfume Chanel no.5

Sophie Bille Brahe

 I am not the first to say that Sophie Bille Brahe is brilliant and I will must certainly not be the last to say it, because she is one of the greatest jewelry designers.She have found a new way to make jewelry, and make it her own. I don’t think I have seen pearls been used this way before in a earring. It is must certainly amazing. My favorite piece of this collection is the earring in the last picture. Maybe a bit out of my budget this christmas , but I often find a way to get it anyway. By the way is it tacky, to buy yourself christmas presents ?

Big coats

I am a huge lover of big coats – I normally pair a big coat with sneakers, to get the outfit, to look a bit more casual, and often more masculine.

Me as a polar bear

New fury coat from H&M .I feel totally like a polar bear in it ( in a good way).I’m a huge fan of fake fur ( not the really really synthetic ones), and I think it is so great that fake fur have made a BIG comeback the last couple years.It always gives an outfit a little glamour egde.