Slipping into

Right now I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of mules.The funny thing is, when I saw that, mules was making a comeback, I was like that is not gonna be for me, because when I thought of mules, the first thing, that fell into my mind, was old ladies slipping into their furry mules, that looks like a little furry pet. But I have to take back, every single word /thought I had about mules. Because the ones you can spend your money on now, is so sophisticated and elegant, and there is not a single fur in sight. So last month, I fell deeply in love with a pair of Celiné mules, but I could not find them anywhere. And I did not have the money, for a quick shopping trip to Paris to visit the Celiné store…But then I found these beauties from Gianvito rossi ( my favorite shoe designer), but there were sold out in my size on So i guess, I can only dream about them, unless you know where I can find a pair in a size eu 37….

The strap

I got this beauty in Christmas present.It’s from Woodwood,but I’m sorry to say that I think it’s sold out now….

Nuts about lips

Al right, I have gone completely lipstick nuts. 8 lipsticks in a month, that is about 2 lipsticks a week. Well, honestly some of them was Christmas gifts, 4 of them to be exact.

M.A.C- Rimmel -Sephora – Dolce Gabbana – Gueilairo.

Marry eyeliner

First of all Marry Christmas ! Sorry for the lack of posts. It has been crazy with Christmas and everything. But I some hwo found time to look for some New years eve makeup inspiration. And I found this picture of the lovely Cate underwood wearing a thick eyeliner, and I simple love it.

A golden weekend

New skintonic, new lipstick, golden candy and a Coco Chanel book, I’m ready for the weekend!