For my dry skin

My skin saver from Embryolisse. I have always had really dry skin, and after the winter season it’s really really dry.So today I finally got my skin saver from Embryolisse, if you don’t already have it, go order it now.

I feel golden

 When I wear jewelry it is mostly gold jewelry and very simply pieces (which can be a quite expensive habit,only wanting gold) The picture above are of my favorite gold jewelry essentials. I pretty much wear them everyday, not always, all together. The rings are from Line&jo the earring is from Jane kønig and the necklace is made by Skaarup Copenhagen.

Dress like a star

                                             ” Dress like a star” is my inspiration, for party dressing this sunny and glories friday.

New in the bathroom

New perfume from Balmain. This pretty little fellow came with the mail today and I’m already in love with him….