The right one

I am extremely critical, when it come to jeans and have always been.They have to fit perfect and feel great wearing, it might not the biggest requirements, but it’s still so extremely difficult to find the right pair.. I recently found out that the jeans I actually feel best in, is Zara jeans. So a couple a days ago I bought these lightblue slim fit boyfriend jeans from Zara, and they fit me just right.


Ever since I got my Polo shirt from Comme des garcons play, I have been a bit obsessed with polo’s .I really like the preppy egde, it adds to my outfits. I am already thinking about getting one in black as well. I think it is so funny how fashion can change your point of view of items , you might have sworn, you would never ever wear. Like with the kittens heels, 3 years ago I would never have worn a polo, but now I can’t get enough of them…

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