Chanel SS 15





No words needed It’s Chanel and it’s feminism.

CHA_0113 CHA_0137 CHA_0172 CHA_0198 CHA_0207 CHA_0208 CHA_0245 CHA_0253 CHA_0262 CHA_0310 CHA_0329 CHA_0330 CHA_0342 CHA_0359 CHA_0392 CHA_0411 CHA_0429 CHA_0436 CHA_0451 CHA_0461 CHA_0476 CHA_0487 CHA_0520 CHA_0539 CHA_0541 CHA_0576 CHA_0595 CHA_0598

Aesop toner

IMG_1505Still coughing…..Lately my skin has been acting out, so I bought this toner from Aesop to work its magic.


New produts from Aesop. Body Balm and a facial cream, winter needs.

Magazine flipping


Still sick after 2 whole days ( I’m going nuts) So by the word means, I have been flipping though all the fashion magazine I could get my hands on Costume , Elle, Eurowoman, Cover and Vogue Paris.

Weekly inspiration

This amazing styled look, is styled by my personal favorite bloggers Elin Kling for Styleby.