The bump bag

This season hottest and most surprisingly trend most be the bump bag for sure.The bump bag went the least cool item to the most cool one, which it can thank the french wonderwoman from Celine Phoebe Philo for.Last year it was bathing sandals and this year the bump bag…it is indeed a funny the whole trend thing…I was also craving the Celine bump bag the...

Wanna go to paradise ?

I just got home from lovely France a few days ago,and what do I get home to? Denmark in its classic Scandinavia summer mood – Grey and rainy, not very sunny, as I had hoped for. My sunkissed is probably gone before the holidays ends in a couple of weeks in this grey and insanely boring wearher.So, I am already missing the sun and the...

Sunglass situration

As you already know ( From a previous post a couple weeks ago), I am once again on the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses,even though the sun isn’t shining much here in grey little Denmark. Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, is like finding the perfect pair of blue jeans or finding the perfect white crispy shirt,which are all essentials to a basic wardrobe,...

Weekly inspiration

Perfect 70’s vibe – velvet trousers and gold jacket, mini shorts,oversize shirt and stocks.

On the bookshelf

Read this amazing book “Hvis det er” by the Danish author Helle Helle, while staying in France. Perfect book for summer reading.
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