In the need of cash

When I am in the need of some extra cash, I sell out of my wardrobe, this mostly happens when I have found an item, I simply can not continue living without, it might sound a little bit dramatic, but every Celine shopping fashionista – knows indeed what I am talking about! You just see an item from across the room, or through the your...

On my mind

The perfect everyday outfit – relaxed and chic. Shirt from Marni, sandal from Chanel ( I would kill for those gold sandals) jeans from Acen studio, bag Saint Laurent and sunglasses from Celine.

Basic needs

I am really the last person to talk about basic wardrobe need – as I just got mine yesterday.But in my opinion a white t-shirt and a white shirt are some of the basic wardrobe need, they always work, buy very hard to find, if you are going for simple perfection….I just got these two from Uniqlo very budget friendly and works Perfectly fine.

Weekly inspiration

The perfect little white silk shirt with the perfect little black ribbon.

On my mind

I would not mind finding these items in my wardrobe. Jacket from Acen studio, top from Marni, slip dress from The Row,sandal from Chloe, mini shirt from Balenciaga, bracelet also from Balenciaga, clutch from Celine.
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