Weekly inspiration

image This picture of the glorius Kate Moss, taken from her the 30th birthday, makes me wanna go all in with my naturally curly hair. My new curly bangs, will be posted on the blog very soon.

Om my mind

image This “On my mind” post is more of a dream list this time. I am absolutely haunted by those Chanel slingbacks in my dreams, they are simply the most exquisite and delicate ever made. And those jeans from the german brand Vetements “Holy cow” have you ever seen anything cooler? The J.W Anderson shirt, is just the perfect shirt with the perfect sleeve twist! and as always no dream or wishlist without at least one book involved.

The blazer

image I recentely got my hands on the perfect classic black blazer. Like the perfect tee,white Oxford shirt and blue jeans,this is an essential to a basic wardrobe.

Vogue weekend

image This weekend I’m gonna spend in bed with a big pile of magazines including my all time favorite Vogue Paris.

Weekly inspiration

image Its getting darker outside as fall is taking over the weather with rain and wind. So naturally I’m getting my “Weekly inspiration” from the most wonderful spring flower this week.