Going Disco

IMG_3591 I feel like my own personal disco ball in this amazing sequin polo neck from H&M, ( which I bought yesterday) I had to get it after seeing the beautiful blond Amyeline Valade in it in the latest Cover issue. I can’t wait to wear it with jeans and trainers, like they styled it on Amyeline Valade in Cover. I am already going a bit sequin crazy this season and I’m feeling very inspired by Yves Saint Laurent in the 70´s and 80´s and of course Saint Laurent´s own collection this season. Wallet from Louis Vuitton, bracelet from Céline.

Glitter and green

image 2 I am obsessed with this green eyeshadow from Another Stories, also a birthday present. A great way to add some colour to my very natural everyday makeup look.

Beloved suede

image I absolutely love my new suede boots from another project. They have the perfect heel hight for everyday wear and I love how the suede is used on the heels as well as the boot itself.They are already a winter favorite of mine, and I am probably gonna wear them all winter.The suede material give them the super cool 70´s vibe, which I adore this season.

Cherry bomb

image 3 The sweetest cherry coloured highlighter from erborian,adds the perfect pink cherry glow to your sweet winter cheeks.