Weekly inspiration

05_Flatbed_2 - JUNE   Original Filename: factory girl wig sienna miller.jpg

05_Flatbed_2 – JUNE Original Filename: factory girl wig sienna miller.jpg

It has been a while since the last ” Weekly inspiration” post,but here we go again. I love this look from the film Factory girl from 2006 with Sienna Miller as the 60´s IT girl Edie Segdwick . I am still obsessed with lace and can´t get enough it and neither Edie Segdwick´s style!

The BIG wishes

IMG_3521 Big wishes do we all have. Here is my BIG wish list – 1 ) A car, so I could drive to Paris and take a weekend in London! and have road trips, of course I would need a drivers license, which I don´t have yet. You can find great car service here 2 ) My dream chair from H. Wegner flag chair 3 ) Cartier love bangle, that you will keep and wear forever, and that you should only get by a loved one 4 )Spectacular gold flower art piece by Curtis Jere 5) The Chanel slings backs is on top of my wish list this season, an dI am not the only one, caring these amazing heels, the entire fashion blogger world is drooling over them and have been since last year! They are perfect for everyday as well for a night out.They are super chic combined with jeans,dresses and perfect for any occasion, really 6) The worlds coolest table lamp from Flos Contemporary 7 ) Céline box bag, I adore the edgy lining combined with the amazing brown leather, one of the perfect everyday bags 8) I have always dreamed about having a bath top, a real apartment wish.Sponsoreret1