A consiouns dress 

I found this very cool dress from H&M on sale last week and it didn’t take 2 seconds before I had reached the counter and bought it. Now it is hanging so lovely in my closet waiting for a proper party. 

They just slipped in – with the mail

I just bought these super cute Manolo Blahnik lace cut kitten mules. Also my very first pair of Manolos, hopefully the first pair of many…..

The Sex Tee

Too much of a statment ? Sex breakfast of Champions, well it is a bit of a statment but I personally really dig this provocative t-shirt. The tee is from Lovers and drifters.

Flower power in a light manner

As most of you already know my dear MacBook broke down in mid June, so every post since then has been done on my iPhone, which clearly is not my favorite device for making blog post, so that cleares up why there have been so boringly few post the last month. I found this pretty flower girl last week. I am gonna wear it as shirt...
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