Keep them white

New white Topshop pumps, I am gonna do my very best to keep them white for as long as possible, which might just be a day or two if I am lucky, If you have seen my white ( now kind of grey) Convers or any white shirt you would know I am not the best at keeping white,white…..

70’s cool

Maybe not the best for protecting your eyes against the sun ( which we haven’t had much of this summer) But they are just dam 70´s cool. They are vintage Yves Saint Laurent.

Super cute and comfy

I just love my “new” super cute vintage Chanel logo loafers. Just as cute they are, just as comfy are they too.

A bit Birkin

I seriously tell myself every time a carry this straw fellow over my arm that I look a bit like a very short Jane Birkin ( Which I totally do no and hers was more bucket like) but one can dream right ? Though it is quite practical,you can just keep loading all your gear and shit in it.

I am “back” in denim

I am back !! New computer and I am so happy and totally ready to blog once again.Dear god it has been like forever since the last post I did! And I have a bunch of new stuff to show you guys, can´t wait. We are gonna start with a couple of jeans I bought recently ( like 3-4 weeks ago) I know a long...