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This might be kind of old news….Because, I atcually bought these mini skirts a while ago. And as you know, I have been off blogging for quite some time. So, I hadn’t had the chance to share a picture of them on the blog. So, even though it is “Old News” I still thought, I would share a picture. Somehow, the mini skirt has really grown on me. I used to avoid mini skirts at all times no matter the season. I am not sure why, but I have always avoided them.

Anyway, Spring is just around the corner or at least I really hope it is. I simply can not wait to have bare legs again and feel the hot sun on my pale skin, and also get some very much needed colour on my Winter white legs that has been prisoner of black tights all Winter. And finally, I can not wait till I can wear mini skirts with bare legs, for once. The black latax mini skirt is from Mango and you can atcually find it here on sale.The checked one is from Zara and is unfortunatly sold out in both stores and their online shop, but I found some similar ones here and here.




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