The weather report and an instagram perpetrator

ikke-navngivet-1 OMG the title of this post almost sounds like a news report….But I can assure it is not. You have probably seen this little but very cropped fellow on countless IT girl instagram accounts this Summer, but if you haven’t, I’m giving you the opportunity to lean more about this red checkered instagram perpetrator and why the weather is a break dealer in this case.

I have no idea why I didn’t wear it on my vacation in Italy with daily temperature that was above 35 degress maybe because I was living in my bikini by the pool side most of the time….And now barely returned to Denmark (the land that withholds any kind of heat during the entire Summer season. No tanned bikini babes or shirtless guys is anywhere to be found at beach or anywhere in general)

Is it just me or am I always complaining about the Danish weather in every post posted during the Summer periode….? I am, aren’t I…?

So back to the real matter of this post and the very important point of this entire weather complain charade I’ve been during. The point is; Now I don’t have a shot in hell to be wearing this newly purchased and extremely cropped top with high waisted jeans as I had intended when buying it, when thermostat keeps saying 15 degress or the rain is just keeps pouring outside.

There you have it an entire post that should have been about a crop top contianing an outfit picture but instead ended up as a weather complaint. I promise this will be my absoulute last post this Summer with any kind of weather complaints.

Its just when you get back from a wonderful vacation and the first thing you see when looking out your bedroom window the first thing you see is RAIN, rain and more rain it is just so god damn depressing. Crop top is from Zara and the white sandals is from Another project.


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